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Aden Gulf Fisheries Company Limited, the flagship company of Al Huraibi Group has been established in the year 2003 - located at the coast of Gulf of Aden in the free zone port- Mansoora, Aden, Yemen. The core business of the company is the export of Fresh Chilled and Frozen seafood products to the global markets.  The company is one of the leading of its kind in the Republic of Yemen.

The unique geographical location of the factory enable us easy procurement of very fresh catch from the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea within short time transportation and under time and temperature control.

The Lay-out of the factory is unique and stream lined to facilitate easy forward flow of the entire process from raw material receiving to shipment stage which is operated by a fleet of dedicated and well experienced manpower.

An in-house Quality Control Laboratory is functioning under qualified Technologists for evaluation and added assurance of the hygiene standard of the factory, employees, quality of the water, ice, incoming raw materials and outgoing products.

The company provides employment for more than 140 employees directly with indirect involvement of more than 200 employees.

The employees are well trained to follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) Standard Sanitation Operation Procedures (SSOPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) throughout the process line.

The health conditions of the employees are ensured by periodical Medical check-up. Periodical refresher training is ensured to all processing workers with regard to GHPs, GMPs, SSOPs & SOPs.

All the processing operations from receipt of raw material to shipment are carried out under strict and regular monitoring with recorded product recall and verification procedures.

Management Team

The powerful management and dedicated team work enable us to establish our name and fame in major global seafood markets with our quality assured products.

We are keeping good relation with our reputed and regular overseas buyers in Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Middle East, African and Far East countries

Our Fresh Chilled Products in the form of Fillets, Loins, Head-on Gutted, Headless Gutted, Gilled & Gutted etc. are air lifted to the destinations Paris, Rome, Madrid, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Athens, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong etc.